Giant Talks - Digital Marketing Seminar

We don't believe in keeping our expertise to ourselves and shrouding it in a veil of mystery. Digital marketing isn't rocket science but it does take a lot of time to keep up to date with the latest happenings and best practices.

That's why Sleeping Giant Media holds #GIANTtalks where you can come and learn about a range of digital marketing topics. We gather up a host of expert speakers who want to share their knowledge with you and put them in one room.

We're going to be bringing our #GIANTtalks around Kent and London so check the schedule below for an event near you! If you'd like to be kept in the loop about future events, pop your details in the contact form below.

GIANT talks: Become a content marketing superhero - 19th July 2018

Despite the rules, spam keeps morphing and making its way through the gaps and onto our screens. Join us at our 13th Giant Talks as we show you how to become Captain Content, making invincible content that’ll easily defeat the Evil Doctor Spam. With the recent changes to data protection now is the perfect opportunity to use truly awesome content to capture the heart of your audience.

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Giant Testimonials

  • An excellent morning with expert speakers delivering useful & valuable content in an interesting and informative way at a great venue. Many thanks.

    Bryan Hall, Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce

  • This was a well-rounded morning with a combination of practical tips which can be implemented immediately and longer term guidance on where social media for businesses is trending. A very productive event.

  • #GiantTalks is a must attend event for Kent business owners who want to stay ahead of the curve and remain relevant in today's always on society.

    David Mark Shaw

  • If I may it's actually quite reassuring to know that I'm on the right track - with the exception of business A-Level and a general interest (which I'm starting to feel quite passionate about) I've not had much experience in business / marketing. I'm now working in the field and it's great to hear some of the ideas I've had / basic principles I've kept to highlighted by four professionals who know what they're talking about. Though I won't act like I know it all in the slightest, I still learnt a great deal.Overall I found the talks inspiring and thought provoking which, for me, is incredibly useful given the state my business is in. I'll definitely be keeping tabs on what Sleeping Giant are organising in the future.

  • Dan Maudhub's presentation was quite simply the most engaging talk I've ever had the fortune of sitting in (thanks Sleeping Giant for the opportunity!).Zoe's practical steps to producing a social media strategy were incredibly helpful, and a great insight into the key concepts of a strategy going forward. I'm definitely going to be taking from her presentation. I also want to commend the fact that she shared tools with the audience - this isn't something that people normally do and I think needs to happen more often. Some of the tools she mentioned were completely new to me and having looked at them since I'm wondering how I ever got by without them to begin with.

  • An informative, well organised and well presented series of presentations.

  • Great event that was professionally constructed from initial registration through to the final presentation.

  • Even though I've worked in digital marketing for more than 15 years, I find Sleeping Giant Media talks incredibly useful. Just the right amount of time in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Enough information to learn new things and refresh points I had forgotten. I find SGM events inspire me to put into practise what was discussed.

  • Fun speakers, interactive talks, great event!