The digital world is a fiercely competitive landscape. At times when you are trying to get your brand out there, it can feel like you are battling against the tide. With this in mind, it can really help to have a team on your side.

Companies with smaller marketing teams, in particular, can often have difficulty getting their voice heard, but by getting the rest of the company involved, your efforts can go much further.

It goes like this. If one person shares a post to their profile they reach their followers. If another person shares that post it goes to their followers as well. Soon enough, you have a veritable snowball of reach from just a few comments, likes and shares.

With organic reach dropping, giving your content an extra boost can be invaluable in making sure it reaches new people.


Getting your team to share your stuff
Now for the hard part. If you go down the path of asking (or worse, demanding) that people use their own social media accounts for your business, many people will run for the hills. Instead, it pays to take a slightly more tactful approach.

Some of the best ways of encouraging your staff to be more active online include:

– Celebrating your team’s success

– Promoting their work

– Creating an environment of ownership

– Encouraging thought leadership


Celebrate success
Celebrating the good work of employees is something that most good businesses will already have as part of their general practice. Sharing this success via social media or blogs not only shows that the business is proud of their employee’s work, but also that they’re happy to shout about it.

This makes the news seem more authentic and motivational, as well as giving them something they are likely to share with their followers, friends and families.

Promote your team
Why wait until your team does something amazing to share it on social media? Chances are, your team are doing great work day-in-day-out, so there is never a bad time to post photos of your team – showing what they do, what they like, and adding more personality to your business.

At Sleeping Giant Media and Giant Campus, we like to find new ways of getting our GIANTs out into the world. Previous methods have included short videos asking what their favourite aspects of digital marketing are, photos of them in their day to day role, and poking them out the door with a large stick.


Create an environment they are invested in
Now, this is easier said than done. If work is just work to your employees, then the chances are they will clock in and clock out, without being truly invested, or interested, in anything outside of that.

On the flipside, if you have a work environment which promotes independent growth, praises success and all that other good stuff, then the chances are your team will be much more invested in the day to day life. Follow the advice above and take interest in your staff, and there is a higher likelihood that they will be some of the best advocates your company could ever find.


Encourage thought leadership
Thought leadership is a big industry buzzword. What it means, in a nutshell, is that if you show you know your industry, other people will gain confidence in not only you but in the companies you work for.

Some employees talk about their own experiences, side projects or insights on platforms like LinkedIn, so if you show support for this, and encourage employees to know it and show it, then this reflects really well on your business.


To summarise
Create an online environment that actively promotes your employees as intelligent, creative, productive people and not only will you see a more engaged workforce, but you will also begin to see greater reach from your digital actions.

Everybody wins.


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