Disaster Averted – Using PPC to rebuild the brand

As most people will be aware the BP brand is currently under a lot of pressure, along with all of BP’s senior management team I suspect. However, in the face of adversity BP are trying to rebuild the brand and using PPC to help.

If you search for things like “oil spill gulf of mexico” and similar terms you will see:

BP PPC Brand building

BP could have chosen to distance themselves from the situation, but instead they are facing it head on and trying to manage the situation and brand.

In addition to a well written advert they are linking to a specific and relevant landing page:
BP Disaster Management

I think this is a good example of how to use PPC to help manage a situation and try to win back the “hearts and minds” of the public.

Let us know what you think? Will this sort of activity have a positive or negative effect on the BP brand?