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SEO Update from Kathryn Bevan

This month, our experts delve into the latest developments in SEO. Discover the impact of key updates, such as the “Helpful Content Update”, and Google’s strategies to combat fake news.

We profile the evolving landscape of ranking factors, highlighting the significance of quality, user-focused content, and brand reputation. This video offers a sneak peek into cutting-edge strategies to help you stay ahead in the ever-changing world of SEO. Get early access to these insights, and position yourself at the forefront of digital marketing success.

Creative Service Update from Kitty Bushell

In this month’s Creative Service update, we explore the recent developments in the realm of content optimisation. Specifically, we anticipate the movement towards entity-based strategies, shedding light on the techniques that will enable you to not only survive but thrive in this unfamiliar landscape. This video is your exclusive pass to cutting-edge insights, preparing you to take on the challenges and opportunities of the future of content optimisation.

Paid Service Update from Ashley Lalfam

This month, we explore the pivotal changes in the paid media realm, keeping you ahead of the curve when it comes to all things paid advertising. Our discussion includes the influence of demand generation and the rise of emerging ad platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts. We examine the integration of Twitter’s X into the Google Display Network, offering fresh audience insights and opportunities for your brand to shine. We also look forward to Google’s shift away from third-party data in 2024, actively exploring alternative audience-building methods to ensure your business reaches the right audience. Gain exclusive access to this content to stay well-prepared for the upcoming advancements in paid media.


Your Guide to Navigating Marketing in Challenging Times

We created this comprehensive guide packed full of useful insights and takeaways!

The Giant Guide to Entities & Generative Search Experience

We created this comprehensive guide packed full of useful insights and takeaways!

Capturing Conversions – Leveraging Content for Lead Generation

We created this comprehensive guide packed full of useful insights and takeaways!

Why Marketing is Essential in Challenging Times

In challenging times, we know that marketing efforts can end up taking a hit. But we want to tell you why marketing is actually essential for your business performance in tough times. In fact, there are plenty of benefits to marketing during a recession.

why marketing is essntial in challenging times
10 advantages of writing custom structured data

10 Advantages of Writing Custom Structured Data

In this blog, Kelly Sheppard, Senior Technical SEO Lead and resident structured data writer here at Sleeping Giant Media, explores 10 reasons why custom structured data is strategically favourable, and why there is nothing better than being able to write it yourself!

How to Optimise for Entities with Entity SEO

Join Kelly Sheppard, our Senior Technical SEO Lead, as she explains how to optimise your website for entities including performing an audit, making strategic changes to your structured data, and much more.

how to optimise for entities


Navigating Marketing in Challenging Times

Online webinar

Balancing your Marketing activity, budgets and strategies can be a challenge at the best of times, let alone in a volatile and unpredictable economic environment.

Learn from Sleeping Giant Media’s Luke Quilter (CEO) and Ant Klokkou (Managing Director) as they share insights and actionable strategies we have used to enable our clients to excel, optimise in-house marketing, and embrace continuous upskilling.

navigating marketing in challenging times - acces the recording