Hi and welcome to this month’s Exclusive Digital Marketing Insights. We discuss what the core SEO updates mean for you, we have taken a look at the predictions for next year in the world of social media, as well as Meta’s hook-up with Amazon products. We have also been looking at some interesting features within the world of Data and insight which stand to have some great additional insights for you.

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SEO Update from Kathryn Bevan

This month, our experts delve into the latest developments in SEO. Discover the impact of key updates, such as the “November Core Update”, to help improve Google’s search results.

We look into the importance of having human eyes supporting any AI-generated content,  the “reviews update”, where we look into the benefit of including review-based content on your website and so much more SEO news and updates from November that will help you get ahead of the game.

Creative Service Update from Megan Jordan

In this month’s Creative Service update, we explore some of the updates in social media, such as TikTok’s changes to music rights for businesses and discuss if followers on social media are just a vanity metric.

We also delve into social media predictions for 2024, such as social media subscriptions, creating authentic social media content and the value of AI on social media platforms.

Paid Service Update from Ben Hawkes

This month, we explore the changes Meta has made that simplify the conversion process for Amazon sellers. We dive into what this means and also give an overview of how it will work and the impact it will have.

We will look into the results people have had from this update and also how this update will impact businesses trying to enhance their e-commerce.


Your Guide to Navigating Marketing in Challenging Times

We created this comprehensive guide packed full of useful insights and takeaways!

The Giant Guide to Entities & Generative Search Experience

We created this comprehensive guide packed full of useful insights and takeaways!

Capturing Conversions – Leveraging Content for Lead Generation

We created this comprehensive guide packed full of useful insights and takeaways!

Google on trial: Has all credibility been lost?

In this blog, we look into Google “allegedly using underhand tactics to ensure it stays the world’s leading search engine”. We get the perspective of some of our managers and directors, on the subject and how this will effect Google users.

google on trial: has all credibility been lost
10 advantages of writing custom structured data

The giant guide to SEO content writing best practices.

In this blog, Kitty Bushell takes us through exactly how you can write content that is optimised for SEO. This in-depth blog will go through everything you need, from topic choice to the metadata creation. 

How to check your brand entity on Google

Join Kelly Sheppard, our Senior Technical SEO Lead, as she explains how you can check your brand entity, how you know if your brand entity is good and how you can improve it.

how to check your brand entity on google


Digital Leaders Decoded: 2024’s Definitive Trends in Digital Marketing

Online webinar

Join us for an unmissable journey into the digital marketing world of 2024.

This webinar, led by our CEO Luke Quilter and Account Director Tiffany Fowler, is your ticket to understanding the latest trends and strategies. Drawing on the wisdom of over 100 marketing leaders, you’ll gain unparalleled insights to propel your brand ahead of the competition.

Digital Leaders Decoded: 2024's Definitive Trends in Digital Marketing