SEO Update with Kathryn Bevan

In this month’s SEO scoop, Luke and Kathryn from Sleeping Giant Media dive into the latest twists and turns of Google’s algorithms. They shine a spotlight on the local SEO scene and the Generative Search Experience (SGE). Stressing the vital role of accurate opening hours for businesses, and Google’s innovative “openness signal” for a boost in visibility on Google Maps.

A whopping 84% of queries now dish out SGE answers, signalling its widespread adoption. This reinforces the growing importance of entity-based SEO. We nudge businesses to focus on top-notch content creation, savvy internal linking, and tackling user queries head-on.

Our advice? Gear up for the SGE impact and ensure your local business profiles scream consistency for a rock-solid online presence. Stay ahead in the digital game with these insights and actionable tips.

Paid Update with Ben Hawkes

In this month’s Paid Advertising update Luke and Ben Hawkes (Senior Paid Manager) discuss recent developments in the paid space, focusing on digital marketing platforms like TikTok, Microsoft, Netflix, and Google.

Looking into TikTok’s new partner spaces for advertising, Microsoft’s partnership with Netflix allowing ad placements, and Google’s introduction of multi-format ads for video campaigns.

And the evolving role of video advertising, with platforms seeking to enhance credibility, transparency, and performance metrics, ultimately aiming to cater to a broader audience and provide advertisers with more options for effective campaigns.

Creative Update with Kitty Bushell

In this month’s Creative Services update, Luke and Kitty discuss the ever-growing significance of expertise in content and PR, putting the spotlight on EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) for a boost in Google rankings. the impending impact of search generative experience, effective strategies for extracting client expertise, and the surging trend of data-driven PR.

We shed light on the perks of digital PR and how it aligns seamlessly with brand authority and SEO. Not to mention the pivotal role of human expertise amid the rise of AI-generated content.


Your Guide to Navigating Marketing in Challenging Times

We created this comprehensive guide packed full of useful insights and takeaways!

The Giant Guide to Entities & Generative Search Experience

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Capturing Conversions – Leveraging Content for Lead Generation

We created this comprehensive guide packed full of useful insights and takeaways!

2024 Digital Marketing Trends to watch

Digital continues to present both challenges and opportunities for businesses striving to stay ahead in their marketing efforts — and 2023 certainly was no exception.

From the increased integration of AI into platforms and tools to shifts in consumer preferences and habits, it’s safe to say there has been a staggering amount of growth and development over the last 12 months. But, what’s to come? …

2024 digital marketing trends to watch
how to retain rankings when moving to a new site

The Meta & Amazon Alliance: A New Era for E-commerce?

The e-commerce landscape is always throwing out new changes — and it looks like it won’t be slowing down any time soon.

Not only is a brand new advertising conversion process being introduced by Meta, but they have also partnered with Amazon too in some pretty amazing news for Amazon sellers. In this blog, we explore what we know so far about this brand-new conversion process partnership between these two industry giants.

A Guide to Google’s Algorithm Updates in 2023

In 2023, Google dominated the digital landscape with a series of algorithm updates, from the Product Reviews Update in February to the November Core Update.  This blog provides a concise, chronological guide to all the Google algorithm updates throughout the year, offering insights for SEOs and marketers. Discover the journey through the dynamic shifts in the digital realm and how to adapt effectively.

what is seo migration five best practice tips for seo migration



29th February 2024 09:30AM (GMT)

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Digital Leaders Decoded: 2024's Definitive Trends in Digital Marketing