SEO Update with Kathryn Bevan

In this digital news insights Kathryn and Luke discuss Google’s Core Web Vitals metric change to enhance webpage responsiveness, the discontinuation of the cache link due to faster web speeds, and the continued experimentation with Google’s search generative experience (SGE).

They explore Google’s investment in AI through the rebranding of Bard to Gemini, including a new paid version, Gemini Advance.

Despite feeling like a more quiet month for major SEO updates, the landscape continues to evolve, with anticipation for future algorithm changes.

Paid Search marketing update with Yumna Kumran

Key updates this month include Google Ads introducing an opt-in feature for automatically creating assets to enhance campaign coherence, a new policy prohibiting false endorsements by famous people or brands, and the introduction of single-line headlines for Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) aimed at improving ad performance.

Additionally, Google has launched campaign-level headlines and descriptions, account-level automated asset changes, and updates to branded local service ads, along with a notable partnership between Pinterest and Google to expand ad reach.

These changes underscore the increasing role of automation in advertising, aiming to streamline ad management and optimise performance, while also encouraging advertisers to adapt and innovate.

Data Update

This month Chris and Luke center on the imminent transition to a cookie-less digital environment and the critical role of consent mode, especially with the release of its new version.

Consent mode enables Google to use cookies appropriately based on user consent, facilitating data categorisation into observed or modeled data.

Non-compliance with consent mode V2 could significantly impact data tracking and limit remarketing campaigns, in light of the Digital Marketing Act taking effect on March 6th across the EU and UK. 


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Staying Compliant: What You Need To KNow About Consent Mode V2

Google has turned its focus towards data and privacy and has introduced us to Consent Mode V2. With a deadline to implement this, we have put together a blog on what Consent Mode V2 is, and how you can stay compliant!

staying compliant: what you need to know about consent mode v2
how to retain rankings when moving to a new site

The Micosoft and Netflix Partnership: A New Dream Team in Advertising

In 2022, Netflix announced an advertising and sales partnership with Microsoft following the introduction of their new tiered subscription plan.

The partnership has rolled out in the US but we are hopeful to see this come to the UK in 2024! Lets dive into what this is and what it means for us! 

Our Top AI Tools for Digital Marketers in 2024 (so far…)

AI is becoming more, and more important for marketers and in 2024 we don’t expect that to change! Let’s dive into why AI is so important in the marketing world, and some of our favourite AI tools to use, and what they can do for you!

what is seo migration five best practice tips for seo migration
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