Despite the name suggesting an extremely emotional member of your town, a town crier is infact a person who makes announcements in public and all through the streets of your town, and today marks International Criers Day!

A Brief History

During the medieval period, criers were the key news information source, and this was due to many people being illiterate. Town crier announcements covered just about anything, and came in the form of local events, adverts, local laws, and royal news to name a few! Even to this day, Town Criers throughout the British Commonwealth are protected under an archaic English law, where they can’t be interrupted when undertaking their duties.

Fast forward over 900 years with the birth of the internet, and you have Google as the King of vast digital sources of information. Town Criers were arguably once the sole means of marketing, but now people have unlimited access to the world wide web instead…

21st Century Approaches

With over 100 billion monthly searches and 2.3 million searches per second, Google has made it its mission statement to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Our company has packed a lot into a relatively young life. Since Google was founded in 1998, we’ve grown to serve millions of people around the world.

Marketing now requires a more strategic approach as opposed to just shouting at people, as they’ll either unsubscribe from your newsletter, bounce away from your site, or unfollow you from social media, for example.

Therefore, it’s the job of digital marketing agencies to be the Town Criers, and build the bridges between what people are searching for on Google, and what answers are returned to fulfil their purpose. In a world with so many resources readily available, it’s crucial to find new and innovative ways to shout about your product or service. Utilising just one method of advertising is no longer enough  you’ve got to build those relationships, because the internet doesn’t (unfortunately) allow shouting, and you’ve got to implement strategies that encourage engagement back.

Finding strategies can be time consuming and tricky. Why not watch our video below to find out how you can make your brand heard via video content?

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