Yesterday, the winner of this year’s The Apprentice was announced. 25 year old Australian, Mark Wright, will receive £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar.

The two finalists offered the tycoon two very different business plans; tights or digital marketing. Bianca’s idea seemed pretty sound but I don’t think many people would stretch to £20 for a pair of tights!

Now Mark has the funds to kick start his digital marketing agency, we’d like to give him some advice on what it takes to become successful.

Find a gap in the market and fill it

When Luke and Anthony started Sleeping Giant Media they knew that the biggest problem with a lot of marketing agencies is their communication so they built a business around making sure that communication and delivering a great service is at the heart of the business.

Mark has the fact that he already works in digital marketing in his favour but does a sales manager have the necessary knowledge to run a new digital marketing agency? Here at Sleeping Giant Media, we have a great sales team and their work is so important to how we run, but without our other teams we wouldn’t be able to fulfil the needs of our clients.

Hire digital marketing experts

Having experienced account teams means that you can provide a great service for clients and support for each other. It is so important to ensure that staff are trained to fulfil all the SEO and PPC needs of our clients so we recruit the best talent and the people with the most potential, which is vital in a fast moving business like digital marketing.

Mark boasted that in his agency, each business would have a dedicated account manager with constant communication. This is what we’ve offered from the get go. Our clients receive regular updates from their account team so they know what’s happening. The monthly reports that Sleeping Giant Media clients receive keep them fully abreast of our activities, the results from last month and our plans for the next.

Keep up with the times

As SEO has changed a lot in recent years, so have the services that we provide as a business. We now have our digital creative team which specialises in content, social, video and outreach and the team has grown a lot over the last two years. Having plans in place so you’re ready to grow your business means you can keep up with trends and not fall behind. It is important to be versatile, able to make changes and bring new skills into a business.

At Sleeping Giant Media, we believe it is important to make sure that we have a great team behind us because it is our people that provide a great service and that is what sets us aside from others in our field. As long as Mark’s plan has the potential to move with changes in digital marketing then Lord Sugar hopefully won’t regret his decision.

Maybe we should enter next year? After all, Sleeping Giant Media has become the multi award-winning agency it is today with no outside funding whatsoever. Just think what we could do with £250,000!

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