Digital Leaders Decoded: 2024’s Definitive Trends in Digital Marketing


Discover 2024’s key digital marketing trends from over 100 top leaders like you.

Join Luke Quilter (CEO) and Tiffany Fowler (Account Director) as they delve into these vital areas, offering insights to keep you ahead of the competition. Join us for an in-depth exploration of the trends shaping the future of marketing.

What you will learn 💡

Join us for an unmissable journey into the digital marketing world of 2024.

This webinar, led by our CEO Luke Quilter and Account Director Tiffany Fowler, is your ticket to understanding the latest trends and strategies. Drawing on the wisdom of over 100 marketing leaders, you’ll gain unparalleled insights to propel your brand ahead of the competition.

Additional Resource

In this video, our in-house experts share quick insights on thought leadership in content strategy, AI’s influence on SEO, and upcoming trends in paid media and social strategies.

Discover what some essential skills for content teams, SEO professionals, and paid media specialists might be heading into the new year; all in this brief but impactful overview.

Our Speakers

Luke Quilter CEO of sleeping giant media, smiling

Luke Quilter

Co-Founder & CEO, Sleeping Giant Media

With an excess of 15 years’ worth of experience in digital marketing, Luke currently runs three businesses based in Kent and regularly lectures, coaches and teaches his expertise; specialising in search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, social media, and business start-ups.

Tiffany Fowler Senior account manager smiling

Tiffany Fowler

Account Director, Sleeping Giant Media

As an Account Director at Sleeping Giant Media, Tiffany ensures digital success through daily collaboration with various organisations and team members. With extensive global agency experience in Australia and the United Kingdom, she has directly managed over 200 accounts and influenced countless others, showcasing strategic expertise across diverse industries and a keen eye for emerging trends.

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