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Here at Sleeping Giant Media, we’ve looked at over 400 travel and holiday-related websites, auditing them against industry and best practice standards for homepage functionality when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

From this, we were able to make both an overview report and an individual audit for those 400+ businesses.

If you’re here… that’s because you’re one of those businesses. Want your audit? Fill in the form below and a Giant will send it out to you.


We look at what functionalities you do and don’t have on your homepage, all functions that help improve the overall user experience.


We look at how your website performs in the eye of Google, the King of all search engines, to see if your website is optimised.


We look at your mobile and desktop loading speeds, the kind of functionality that can make or break a customer experience and conversion, and land you in Google’s bad books.


We look at whether your website’s homepage has specific functionalities that match the industry standard for your sector.

SEO Audit

We look at the elements of your website that are SEO factors, the things that help your website rank better in Search Engines.

Request your audit!

You are one of the many hundred websites we audited to put together the benchmarking report that was sent to you.

To see your individual report that looks deeper into scores and functionalities, fill in the form. A Giant will send out your audit as soon as they can.

We can help!

If you read this report and go ‘Jesus Christ, I can’t do this all myself’ then don’t worry… that’s why we’re here.

A helping hand with years and years of experience working on some Giant travel and holiday brands be found online and improve their customer experience.

Don’t just take our word for it though, Tariq from Titan Travel knows what’s up…

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