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If you can tell us what’s wrong with the above paragraph, we want to hear from you.

We are currently recruiting for a: Search Account Executive & Digital Creative Executive

What makes us GIANT?

At Sleeping Giant Media, we’re not interested in old hat SEO, we’re not looking for guess work paid search, and we don’t want standard social. We’re bigger than that. We are GIANTS.
You may not be an expert - but that’s fine. Because we are! From the moment you step through the doors, you will be in the company of some of the country’s foremost authorities in digital marketing, and will undergo an intensive course of training to get you up to speed. We don’t play about, here; we make sure all our GIANTS are more than just a namesake.
If this seems daunting, you’d be right! But we’re after those who relish a challenge, those who want to push the boundaries of what we know about digital marketing, and those who want to give the best to receive the best.
In return, we treat our GIANTS as just that.
Role package - Our GIANTS are given above and beyond what you could expect from an office job. Yes, we have the free drinks and snacks, and you’ll learn more about our office below, but it’s more than that. We support our GIANTS through a healthcare cash plan, through getting your birthday off to celebrate, through monthly team lunches, summer parties, christmas parties, emotional, mental, and physical health support, Childcare Vouchers, Friday Beer-O’Clock, and through our popular Unlimited Holiday policy (yes, really). We know life is about balance, and we want to provide that.

Career Progression - We’ve already mentioned the intensive training you undergo when you first join, but it doesn’t stop there. We have 4 training sessions per week, we send people to national and international conferences, we provide materials to improve knowledge, and we make sure our people are certified (while hopefully not making them certifiable!). We ask our Giants to be the best version of themselves; not only for the business, but for our clients, whose businesses rely on our outstanding work. If you’re willing to put in the effort, we’ll be there to reward it through career progression.

Location - On the outskirts of the town centre, you wouldn’t expect an unassuming concrete building to house the Giants that it does. And yet, here we are in the penthouse of the Civic Centre, overlooking the English Channel. Between these walls, we have a secret room, a fully stocked bar, a cupboard loaded with snacks, fridges loaded with drinks, games consoles, numerous breakout areas, offices covered in grass, nerf guns, a dartboard, scooters, a lego logo wall, and (probably most famously) a ball pit.

Team - Lastly, and most importantly, the people you work with are amongst the best sort of people you will meet. Dedicated, passionate, supportive; our GIANTS understand everyone is here for the same purpose, and will help you throughout your time with us. Together, we share celebrations, successes, and wins. Together we learn from our losses, pick ourselves up, and move forward stronger. We are a team, and together we are awesome.

If you're looking for success, and want to contribute to it, then you are the person we want to talk to.

So, if all of this sounds like you, and we sound like your kind of team, get in touch with us. Email jobs@sleepinggiantmedia.co.uk and tell us why you’d like to join our ranks!