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The Client: Hopes Grove Nurseries | www.hopesgrovenurseries.co.uk

The Partnering Agency: Supersonic Playground | www.supersonicplayground.com

We worked with Hopes Grove Nurseries on their general website optimisation, collaborating with our agency partner, Supersonic Playground as they build a new eCommerce website.

Read on to see how we did GIANT things for them.

We have been able to maximise the budget and see positive ROI.

The Client

Hopes Grove Nurseries is a Kent based nursery, which was initially established in 1992 as a small family farm selling locally until the publication of their first mail order catalogue in 1994.

The site, now located in Tenterden, spans 16 acres and is home to 500,000 hedging plants, and, as well as a full colour catalogue, Hope Grove Nurseries now serve primarily from their website.

The Agency Partner

Supersonic Playground, founded in 2014 by Creative Director Rich Dean, is a leading Kent based WordPress and WooCommerce web design agency.

They are an agency with a proven track record, friendly and professional service, dedicated in-house team and host a wide range of website design services.

What work was done?

Sleeping Giant Media have been working with Hopes Grove Nurseries for four years on their PPC, SEO and general website optimisation. The client had been using an old website for a number of years before it was rebuilt in November 2017 for them by the digital marketing agencies partners, Supersonic Playground. The web design agency was referred to the cleint as part of Sleeping Giant Media’s agency partnership programme.

Supersonic Playground set about creating a completely new, high-level eCommerce website, working closely with Sleeping Giant Media and Hopes Grove at every point in a truly collaborative way; with the client inputting their in-depth knowledge of their industry. Sleeping Giant Media providing detailed insight into search behaviour, and Supersonic Playground providing expert insight into user experience and design – all to create a much-improved shopping experience for Hopes Grove Nurseries’ customers.


Working with Supersonic Playground was a great collaboration because they were so responsive, it felt like we were working as one team rather than two separate companies.

Their awesome web development and design incorporated our SEO ideas, ensuring there were enough content blocks for us to see the SEO value we wanted.

The client still works with Supersonic Playground on their ongoing web development.

Account Manager | Sleeping Giant Media

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The Results


increase in annual revenue YoY


decrease in cost per conversion


decrease in traffic

Since the new website launched in late 2017, the results have been fantastic. On the new website, annual revenue increased by 66% the following year. The previous best month was beaten by 41%. For almost every month since the new website launched, the client has set new records for net sales.

These graphs (below) show that despite an increase in traffic and revenue prior to the new website, the new website saw more drastic increases in both areas. 

The positive results for the client after working with the Kent SEO experts and leading web design company weren’t just on sales. The agency received positive feedback from the client that, with their old website, if they’d wanted to increase their PPC spend it wouldn’t always translate into more sales. However, since launching the new website and feeling proud and confident in the users experience, the cleint is happy to increase their PPC spend – now translating to more sales, giving the cleint better value and return on their digital marketing investment.

As well as this, the work conducted by Sleeping Giant Media improved the branding and visual loko and feel of the new website, creating greater trust and credibility within Hopes Grove Nurseries’ customers. Proven by the fact that on their old wesite, the client felt that the only way to compete with their competitors was to lower their prices and heavily discount their products. However, since launching the new website, the client has now had the confidence to increase their prices and continue to see a growth in sales.

All together, this work has had a positive impact on increasing the client’s margins, and contributing to the health of the business.

Hopes Grove Nurseries has been a fantastic collaborative project for Supersonic Playground to have delivered with Sleeping Giant Media, and together we’ve achieved huge success for our client.

When we were first recommended to Hopes Grove Nurseries in 2017, they’d had a bad experience with a previous web design agency, so we were honoured and flattered that Sleeping Giant Media considered us an agency that the client could trust to deliver their new website.

Overall, the project has been a huge success and one that we’re incredibly proud of, and thankful to Sleeping Giant Media for recommending us to the client. Throughout the project, we have worked together as one team, and it really shows the positive benefit that a collaborative partnership such as this can have on all of our businesses; ours, Sleeping Giant Media’s, and most of all, Hopes Grove Nurseries.

Rich Dean | Supersonic Playground

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