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Giant Case Study

The Client: Boon Edam | www.boonedam.com

We worked with Boon Edam on their functional and creative content for the Boon Edam website.

Read on to see how we did GIANT things for them.

Proud to have the privilege of working with the experts.

The Client

Known as the authentic entry experts, Boon Edam provide their customers with a journey to their perfect entry solution. From their humble beginnings in 1873 in the streets of Amsterdam North, being passed down from father to son to today, Boon Edam remains to be a family business and a close community.

From revolving doors to access gates, Boon Edam caters to a vast array of entry solutions. As the brand has continued to expand, Boon has a variety of offices in locations around the world including the UK, the Netherlands, the US and China.

They began working with Sleeping Giant Media in April 2014 and have since continued to work with the agency for nearly five years.

The Services

In the time working with Boon Edam, Sleeping Giant Media have provided the entry experts with the following services;

– content writing: both functional and creative

– creative workbook

– technical SEO

– linking

– Adwords PPC

The Brief

Boon Edam required a content writing service for their site on both the functional content on the site as well as creative content. The creative content was to be designed to appeal to Boon Edam’s target audiences, boost brand awareness, influence consideration of the brand, evaluation and purchasing of products as well as retention of the brand.

The Approach

To ensure that the content created for the client is done so with the correct target audience in mind, it was crucial that Sleeping Giant Media identified exactly who the target audience is and what is likely to make them consider Boon Edam for their entry solution needs. They set to work creating what is called the Creative Workbook which is a creative hub where the extensive audience research lives, as well as various content and campaign ideations that are based on this research. The same Creative Workbook is continually updated and is still used five years later for the client.  

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The Results


increase in goal value


increase in sessions


increase in page value

When comparing 2014-2015, and 2017-2018, there’s been some great increase in website data. Having worked with the client to improve their functional and creative content, Sleeping Giant Media have been able to improve metrics such as page views, unique page views, average time on page, page value, sessions and certain goal values.

For example, page views increased by 9.88%, a really high number for such a niche market, with unique page views increasing by 10.97%.

A 270.37% increase in goal value was GIANT, and continues to improve.

Walking through a revolving door will never bee the same again. Who would have thought that so much detail, thought and technology was behind an entry system? Proud to have the privilege of working with the experts.

Sam Caesar | Sleeping Giant Media

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