So how do you see how your posts are shared on Google Plus?

The Google+ interface includes a concept called Ripples. It allows you to see who has shared your posts, who has re-shared them and a timeline of when that happened. For example, you post a video to your Google+ Page, which is shared by three people on G+. In turn, their followers may share the post, and so on. Ripples is a graphical representation of the ripple effect.

Unfortunately, you can only see public shares within Ripples, so if someone has only shared your post privately or with selected circles, you don’t see that in Ripples, but you can still see how many +1s and shares you have by looking at the post activity.

It’s an interesting piece of functionality that Google have built into the interface. You can then find those people, take a look at their profiles and perhaps add them to circles. This can be a great way to identify influencers and build relationships with them.

In addition to the mind map-esque graphics you also get some really handy and powerful analytics that sit behind the scenes and allow you to see what’s going on.

Over to you

Have you found Ripples to be useful and insightful? It would be great to hear your views.