This is something we are getting asked more and more. And something due to algorithm updates can’t be overlooked if you are trying to reach the dizzy hights of the Google search results page. This blog hopefully helps to give a few tips on things you should do inorder to ensure your website pages have good SEO value.

We thought that the best way to explain this was to show you with a wire frame diagram. Lets just say for example that you are selling “Red Mens Shoes” and that is the main product, but you also sell other types of red shoes such as “red Mens boots”. Generally you will want to include variations around a theme. Using the same keyword over and over will actually be a negative thing to do.

So your target terms are:

Red mens Shoes
Red mens boots
Dark red Mens shoes

Here is how we would suggest they are applied.

Key take aways:

– H1 should be your main keyword. Not “welcome to this page” or something like that
– The H2 should be different to the H1 tag
– Use the keywords within the body text a few times. Don’t go mental, but at the same time don’t be shy to use the keyword where it fits

– When writing content, a natural pattern of keywords, verbs, nouns, and synonyms evolves. This is where the true meaning of the page lies and helps you rank for your desired term.

This blog doesn’t cover the top level meta data such as page titles, but please click here if you would like some info on this.


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