Did you know that when users shop online, 72% of them are likely to abandon their carts before checking out, and only 8% of them will return to check out at a later date? What can you do to recapture these users? The answer? Remarketing.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a type of advertising you can use to target those who have previously visited your site; you might do this if a customer dropped off the sales funnel on a certain page and you want to re-entice them, or it could be that they went through a certain amount of pages on your site so you know they were interested. It can even just simply be that you want to remind them your brand is out there.

Want to learn more?

In this whitepaper, Junior Search Account Executive, Cara Blackburn, asks ‘What Is It and Why Is It Important?’, covering: Ad targeting and lists, how can you put this into practice?, the sales funnel, the benefits of remarketing, remarketing with search ads, remarketing with display ads, as well as top tips.