This video is about the four core areas where social media can fail.

  • Timing
  • Non responses
  • Unintentional double meanings
  • Automation / Poor content



Timing is key when it comes to social media. It can be your downfall or help your campaign to have a great positive impact. In the video, Luke gives two examples to prove this point. It’s important to keep an eye on external factors, especially when you’ve scheduled posts in advance in case something you’re about to post is no longer appropriate. This gives you the option to pull the content and prevent a faux pas.

Non Responses

These can be a real customer service problem. Some brands are concerned about setting up social media profiles because they don’t want negative comments to be posted publically. Smaller businesses sometimes feel that they don’t have time to manage social profiles sufficiently. Luke’s advice is to claim your social profile but if you’re not going to respond to customers put up a ‘holding’ post to explain this and manage their expectations.

If you are going to respond you should ensure that there’s a process in place so that people are responded to within a set period of time.

If you do receive negative comments, responding gives you the opportunity to address these concerns and shows other people that you care about your customers.

Double meanings

Think about how other people might interpret your content and social media posts. In the video, Luke gives an extreme example to illustrate this point.


There are various tools available to set up automated posting. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as tools can help to speed up process but you shouldn’t let them become the process. There still needs to be a person behind your social accounts and no one wants to receive 15 sales messages an hour.

Watch the video to learn more.