Sleeping Giant Media assist with your Google AdWords enhanced campaigns
This message is starting to appear within some AdWords accounts. Google released limited information about the changes to AdWords called “enhanced campaigns”, which will be rolled out to all advertisers by “mid-2013″, however it looks like upgrading early is becoming available to more and more accounts. We’ve explained some of the basics of AdWord’s enhanced campaigns in a recent blog. So what do you do if you get an enhanced campaigns message appear on your accounts?

Don’t panic!

There’s time to adjust to enhanced campaigns and take the opportunity to explore your options before jumping into the deep end. There isn’t a lot of information out there at the moment but Google are hosting several ‘Learn with Google’ webinars over the next few weeks and websites such as Search Engine Watch are updating as they get some hands-on time with the enhanced campaigns.

It could be a gamble to be a pioneer and take the leap into the new campaigns, however sometimes pioneers get a first mover’s advantage. At the end of the day, Google have probably thought this through, and usually makes changes for the better. Afterall it’s in their interest to keep advertisers using their platform.

Our opinion?

In my personal opinion, it would be best to wait a few weeks and watch the blogs to learn lessons from others. There’s not much clarity yet. If you rely on AdWords as a vital part of your marketing mix (as many businesses do), and you currently employ “current” best practices such as separate mobile and desktop campaigns, then I think the best advice is to proceed with caution. There is time to get to understand the new set up and how it is going to affect reporting and analysis and optimisation techniques in the new environment.

We are looking forward to seeing the changes in action and will continue to post updates as we learn more information.