Welcome to this, our giant SEO series. Today we’re going to cover off what is Panda 4.1?

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What is Panda 4.1?

So Panda 4.1 is the latest algorithm update from Google, and again like all the other panda algorithms this one focuses on content. Panda 4.1 was released on September 25th, over a one week period. Like all of the other Panda algorithms it’s looking at low quality content, and trying to reward the people who produce higher quality content.

Now as ever Google haven’t been specific about what they deem low quality content, but we can get a pretty good idea based on the impact that we’ve seen.

Which sites have been affected?

First of all, the sites that seem to have felt a negative impact are the ones with what they would classify as ‘thin content’, so not a huge amount of content per pages. Lyric sites for example have been really hit by this, because they have lots of small pages with basically not much content on them, and lots of duplicate content across different pages.

The sites that seem to have benefitted from this latest algorithm update are the ones that, as you’d expect, are really content heavy. Information based sites and news sites are the ones where we have seen a much more positive increase in positions on search engine results pages.

What’s next?

What we’d say with this algorithm update is that it’s likely that this is going to be a phased approach, so we’ll see one update now but this wont be the last thing that we see. We think this is a trend that Google will continue with, trying to refine what it deems high quality content and what it deems as low quality content. So once again you’ve always got to try to stick to producing really relevant content.

Have you noticed any changes since Panda 4.1? If you have any questions or comments then chuck them in the comments section below, we’d love to see them.