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It’s not just because they’re a handsome bunch…

If you’ve ever looked at our social media platforms, or even our website, you’ll see that the faces of our GIANTs are everywhere. Don’t get us wrong, they’re a good looking bunch – but that’s not the only reason that they’re in so many of the things that we post and share.

The faces behind the brand

For us, it’s totally normal. Our GIANTs are what makes us who we are, which is why we’re never afraid to showcase them in blog headers, social posts and on our website. They’re real people, telling real stories, which ultimately gives our brand more credibility. Real people are more engaging, and have more personality; plus, our GIANTs are the experts behind all of the work that we do as a business, putting their skills into practice for our clients day in and day out. And who doesn’t want to hear from the experts?

Seeing what our GIANTs are up to, whether it’s work or play, is much more interesting and creative than stock images or collections of seemingly random “inspirational” images.

The GIANT approach

Some corporate businesses are more likely to be careful with their social media policy, potentially asking employees to communicate very little about their work within the company and to stick to relatively strict guidelines. But, particularly in the digital industry, that’s just not how we do things. Including our GIANTs in our content means getting them more involved on social.  It means that our content is getting shared more, furthering our reach to wider audiences, and helping to spread the word about what we’re doing in an organic way. Plus, it means our GIANTs are proud of where they work and what they do, which is why they’re happy to share. And we think a team of engaged, proud, GIANT team members is a pretty powerful thing.

What do you stand for?

When it comes down to creating a brand, particularly the core values of your brand, the foundation often comes from employees who embody these values. Identifying what you and your team stand for, and what traits enable you to fulfil this, helps to build out a vision for your brand.

Our core values fit under the acronym CAPES: Communicator, Accountable, Positive, Effective and Self-aware, which are all of the elements that go towards making our GIANTs who they are. It’s these core values that we like to showcase on social media and our website, as this is the essence of what Sleeping Giant Media is all about. And who better to help us portray that than our team?

As a business, we’re all about delighting our clients by empowering our people, so it makes sense for our brand on social media to reflect that. As a result, our GIANTs are involved in our content making process in all sorts of ways – from coming up with ideas and featuring in the content, to sharing the content out on their own social platforms and giving their point of view.


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