As the Apple iPhone develops year on year, so do the iOS apps that operate on it; from everything from communication apps to photography apps, we have the lowdown of the 25 most stand-out apps of 2015.

1.) Periscope (App of the Year)

Periscope has redefined what it means to live stream! 2015 has seen a surge in popularity for live-video broadcasts, and Periscope allows you to show what your camera sees with a simple tap of a button, to which then the your friends on social media platforms are notified the user is live streaming.
Price: Free

 2.) Enlight (Runner Up)
Enlight is a creative photo editing and design app featuring a multitude of editing tools such as filters, presents, sketching tools and effects for users to perfect beautiful works of photography and art.
Price: £2.99

3.) Robinhood (Runner Up)
Like the much loved literary hero who has an innovative approach to his trading technique, if no-fee stock trading is your thing, this app makes trading cheap, intuitive and mobile.
Price: Free

4.) Workflow: Powerful Automation Made Simple (Most Innovative)
Workflow is an app that eradicates arduous tasks, you can now customise your phone so that it only remembers important actions. For example, your phone will call an Uber taxi before your next calendar appointment, upload your last photo to Twitter and is practically a second brain!
Price: £2.29

5.) Instagram (Best App on the iPhone 6s)
This doesn’t need a hefty introduction. Those of us who are snap (h)appy smartphone photographers are very familiar with Instagram, and it currently boasts around 400 million users!
Price: Free

6.) HBO Now
Although not currently available in the UK, HBO’s app gives U.S. users access to all its programmes, and they can be watched from any iPhone or iPad!
Price: Free to download, but $14.99 for a subscription

7.) Hopper
Hopper is a great app that determines when the best time for users is to fly; users tell the app their destination, and it scours the net to produce a calendar with the best times and prices!
Price: Free

8.) Darkroom
Darkroom is your own answer to Instagram, and is a photo editor that allows users to create their own filters. It also has an infinite undo function which is very handy if you get a bit too filter-happy!
Price: Free

9.) Lark
Lark is the digital answer to having a personal trainer; It tracks your workouts and meals, and also has a texting option so it seems like you’re having a casual convo with your PT! Not so scary after all!
Price: Free

10.) The Everything Machine

The Everything Machine is an app specially developed to encourage children to be engineers: by using a simple visual programming language to control an iPhone’s camera, microphone, speakers, and screen to turn it into a stop-motion camera, kaleidoscope, voice disguiser, or anything else that their imagination conjures up!
Price: £2.49

11.) Pacemaker
Winner of the App Store’s Editor’s Choice Award two years in a row, this DJ app lets you pick a song from iTunes or Spotify and then turns it into an awesome remix.
Price: Free

12.) Tandem
Tandem is an app that allows users who are learning a new language to practice live by letting them live chat with native speakers from all over the planet.
Price: Free

13.) Jet
If you’re a savvy shopper always on the hunt for the best prices, then Jet is for you. Jet is your one stop shop that “turn[s] built-in costs into opportunities to save you money.”
Price: Free

14.) Timeline – News in Context
If you always find you’re catching the full news stories, and aren’t too sure what’s been going on, Timeline provides an actual timeline with news topics appearing on it so users can be fully in-the-know.
Price: Free

15.) Vee for Video
If you see yourself as a video aficionado, this app allows users to shoot, edit and share your videos with friends. It even has a variety of effects such as HD quality, 18 filters, slo-mo, and loads more.
Price: £1.49

16.) Fit Men Cook
Are you a health foodie? Fit Men Cook helps you to find cheap but nutritious recipes as well as aiding you in planning your meal preparations. Included are video tutorials if you get stuck with the more tricky items.
Price: £2.29

17.) Spark Email
Are you always bombarded with annoying email notifications? Spark is great in that it filters out the important emails and separates the ones you don’t care about. An added bonus is that users can “snooze” emails!
Price: Free

18.) RefME
If you’re a Student, RefME is your new best friend: it allows users to scan book barcodes to automatically produce the book’s citation. With a database boasting over 7,000 styles, it allows users to search for titles even if they don’t have the book with them!
Price: Free

19.) Wildcard
A new approach to digestible news! Wildcard is designed for those who need short snippets of info when they’re on-the-go, and brings everything from the ‘net in an aesthetically pleasing format.
Price: Free

20.) Paper
Paper has gone electronic! You can use Paper to make lists, presentations, charts and graphs. Basically anything you can do with paper, you can do on your phone now.
Price: Free

GIPHY allows users to create their own GIFs by recording videos of themselves.You can choose from a fun range of filters and backgrounds (such as flying tacos!), and hit the record button. Then you can save, download, and share!
Price: Free

22.) PRY
Pry is an interactive reading experience that is one third a book, one third a movie, and one third of a video game. The narrative is based around James, a demolition expert that returns from the Gulf War and allows you to go through his memories and thoughts. It was the finalist for The 2015 Independent Games Festival for Excellence in Narrative
Price: Free

23.) Reuters TV: Video News
Reuters allows users to watch live feeds and/or customised programme highlights so they’re able to be up-to-date with current events. Reuters is maintained by 2,500 journalists in 200 locations.
Price: Free

24.) Zova
Zova is a fitness app with over 400 workouts developed by professional fitness trainers, with everything from kickboxing to cardio. It also offers training plans to challenge yourself and reach your goals.
Price: Free

25.) Blue Apron
Blue Apron allows users to sign up to have 3 meals a week delivered to their homes. The app also includes yummy recipes accompanied with how-to video tutorials. Users are also able to customise their menus and manage deliveries
Price: Free