Snapchat is a popular mobile app that allows users to send photos and videos, which self destruct after only a few seconds. Instagram is a social network platform used for sharing photos and videos.

Instagram attracts 700 million monthly users, with Snapchat attracting 166 million monthly users, so these are prime platforms to be connecting and engaging with your customers.But the million dollar question is are Instagram stories or Snapchat stories better?

Instagram vs. Snapchat

Instagram is more interactive than Snapchat; with Instagram stories you can click on the name and go straight through to their page. It works the same with hashtags, just click on it and go through to the tag page. However, with Snapchat you have to screenshot the snapcode and then get it up on your screen etc. This therefore makes Instagram much better for users.

How creative are Snapchat and Instagram?

Recently Snapchat had an update which had more creative options; users can now change the pen size, choose from a wide range of colours, and use the bitmojis and stickers. But Instagram just go that extra step, and have three different pen styles and an eraser. Instagram stories also has a hand free function, something which is difficult on Snapchat.

Build your audience through Snapchat and Instagram

Tune into Jasmin below, who will take you on a journey through the different creatives and analytics, where she will show you how you can use both platforms to build your audience effectively.