Setting up an in house search department – Part 2

This topic picks up where the last one left off and looks at some more factors to consider when setting up and running an in-house PPC team.

Part 2


If you don’t know about PPC, get someone in who does. There is no point muddling your way through it as it will cost you more money in the long run if you don’t know the latest techniques. Bringing in an expert a day a week or for a small amount of time will get your team up to speed. This should be an ongoing process if the members of the team are junior.

Total concept

Although PPC is the focus of this blog and the focus of the team, there needs to be a holistic approach when optimising the campaigns. Understanding the key business drivers are important. For example if you are selling a product and have a limited supply of them, there needs to be an understanding between the stock control and PPC team. This is something we look to do for our clients and call the service total concept PPC.

More to come in part 3

Written by Luke Quilter