agency poll (large)

The results are in!

To kickstart the launch of our new poll, we wanted to see what you found appealing in our newsletter and how we could improve it. Well, we received some great responses!

Coming in at first place

“Can I get back to you?”

Okay, it appears we may have put you on the spot a wee bit, but never mind! We still got some great ideas and feedback.

From our results, the votes seem to suggest that the majority of you are interested in industry insights so you can stay up to date and offer your clients the latest and most effective service.

Following closely behind that, more information about services was highly voted for. And that we can do!

You’ll see from our poll that we included a few other content ideas as we felt these were too good to miss out.

The main point of this initial poll was to see what information you found valuable, so we can strive to deliver better content. After all, it’s your newsletter. You might as well have a say in what you want to read about.

Thanks again for your vote!

We’re already in the process of fine-tuning our content to give you a much more tailored newsletter, equipping you with all the tools you need to build that knowledge.