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Can brands fix the declining trust in social media?

   We've got some trust issues with the web... 👀 For many brands, their social media presence is about getting in front of their audience, building familiarity, and fostering trust. Well, and making sales, but let’s not focus on that one right...

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Just how much influence do influencers really have?

   Influencers: are they actually influential? 🤷‍♀️ According to Sprout Social’s 2019 whitepaper, 32% of consumers are more likely to research a product or service when celebrities or influencers post about it. Now, it seems that you can’t go...

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Is there more to SEO life than Google?

   Google, Google, Google... there has to be more to SEO than Google? When you talk about search, most of the time you’re talking about Google. Google search stats are some of the most famous digital data out there - with facts like “90% of...

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Implementing EOS into all things GIANT

   Looking back at the last year of business growth with Managing Director, Anthony Klokkou. At the beginning of 2018, we were looking for the next step in terms of how do we keep delivering business growth, without running the risk of losing...

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Operation GIANT Beach Clean

   Going Green for Mother Ocean Day! It’s a popular expression around here that we GIANTs bleed purple. But recently, we’ve gone a little more green. No, this isn’t a rebrand. This is us attempting to address climate change and be more...

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Navigating YouTube’s Creator Studio

   Don't get lost in YouTube's Creator Studio! YouTube’s Creator Studio has gone through a lot of change over the past couple of years - being rebranded to YouTube Studio, and seeing a host of new features and insights available for users....

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Using people as your brand

   It's not just because they're a handsome bunch... If you’ve ever looked at our social media platforms, or even our website, you’ll see that the faces of our GIANTs are everywhere. Don’t get us wrong, they’re a good looking bunch - but that’s...

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The in’s and out’s of Facebook Blueprint

 Written by our very own, Facebook Certified Planning Professional... oooo! If you follow us on Twitter, you may have seen that I passed my second Facebook Blueprint exam and received the Facebook Planning Professional qualification. This puts me in...

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