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Employability Points Scheme 2019: Yuni

For the last two weeks, we’ve hosted Kent EP Scheme student, Yuni, at Giant Towers to show her the ins and out of agency life ????This two-week work experience is part of the Employability Points Scheme run by the University of Kent, rewarding...

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Google Photos New Feature: Searching For Text!

These apps are getting smarter by the day! ????Picture this: you’re in the queue to pick up gig tickets, frantically sifting through the images on your phone to find a screenshot of the confirmation email. You planned to have the image up before you...

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Are agencies more creative that in house teams?

Who is the best for your digital marketing? ???? When it comes to digital marketing, most brands or businesses choose between two options - carrying out this activity in house, or enlisting the help of an agency to do it for them.  Both come with...

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Facebook’s New Ad Placement: Will It Work?

 Is Facebook's latest ad placement going to work, or will it flop hard? ????‍♀️ Facebook, it seems to be the best social media platform for tailored ads. But just how will its new ad placement fair? It seems like every few months, Facebook is rolling...

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The Lowdown on YouTube Advertising

 You want to be where the people are, right? ???? Everyone’s heard the phrase “YouTube is the second biggest search engine” - and while it’s become a bit of a marketing cliche, you can’t argue with it. YouTube usage has grown massively since the...

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Why Do People Complain On Social Media?

 Use complaints as an opportunity for your customer service to shine! ✨ We’ve all been there. Our online shopping order hasn’t arrived, or the packet of crisps we just bought with our meal deal has a disgracefully small amount of actual crisps in....

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5 Tips For Giving Your Marketing A Refresh

 Remember to give your marketing some TLC ???? You’ve heard us say it before, but if there’s one constant thing about the marketing world it’s the pace at which things change. In fact, if you’re still doing things the same way you were a couple of...

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