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Working from home has many benefits, such as expanding our team to new recruits…

Yep, that’s right. We’re talking fluffy animals. Our little bundles of furry partners in crime. So, with the world still in a pretty dire way, and with the inevitableness that animals of puppies, kittens and other animals make anyones day… we want to share our GIANT pets.

It’s been proven that pets can reduce stress levels, make you feel calmer and lower your blood pressure. And it’s safe to say we’ve all needed that at some point or another recently.

And a study found that owning dogs can decrease your chance of death by up to 33%! I mean, that’s probably dependant on the dog… and petting animals can boost your immune system, which is extra important right now. Can I pet that dawg?

So here’s your dopamine hit, enjoy.

It’s safe to say there’s a theme with work from home pets, and that’s that they’re very confused 1.) why you’re now there all the time and 2.) why this flappy thing with buttons takes up all your time and reduces focus on them…

Whether that’s Beth’s dogs, Bella & Noddle, climbing on her desk to prevent her from over-working, Liz’s rabbit taking away her beloved keyboard, Lizzi’s dog Stan keeping her from wrist strain… safe to say, our animals have our backs.

Or we’ve got Chris, our Head of Data, who seems to have opened a small petting zoo since the beginning of lockdown. And the GIANT cats who are just super-duper nosey.

A future of flexible working for us will see more animals added to the GIANT mix, so keep an eye out for those.

Not into fluffy animals, but are into business success through digital marketing?

Ah, we got your back. Just get in touch and let us know and someone will give you a call.


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