Very exciting news at SGM this morning, as Luke Quilter (our MD) has been confirmed as an Olympic Torch bearer for 2012.  He’ll be carrying the flame through his home town of Hythe on the 18th of July, trying desperately hard to not drop the thing, or burn down large sections of the high street!  We’ll all be cheering him on…standing by with water buckets just in case.

The process has been lengthy, stretching over the last 6 months, with regular teasing updates as to Luke’s provisional status as a torch bearer, only having been confirmed last Friday.  We’re genuinely pleased for him, as he’s getting married 2 days later (on the 20th) in Germany to his long term girlfriend, Isabelle.

Luke was originally nominated for his efforts within the local business community.  As a board member for the Kent Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs, and winner of the KEiBA young entrepreneur of the year 2011, Luke is well qualified having set up SGM in the depths of the recession, the business continues to thrive and looks forward to welcoming its 9th member of staff very shortly.