This St. Patrick’s Day we’re celebrating our lovely Irish Google Partner pals at Google EU HQ in Dublin. Here’s everything you need to know about Google Partners!

What are Google Partners?

Google Partners is a program developed by Google for digital marketers, ad agencies, and any other online professionals individuals who work with AdWords. If you become a Google Partner, you will have unprecedented access to exclusive training sessions, events, a range of certifications, and the top industry analysis and research.

Benefits of being a Google Partner

Google Partners is a great opportunity for you to become a PPC and SEO pro on everything Google related, with free exams on Google Analytics and AdWords (and lots of free study materials to help you ace the exams!). Not only that, but you will get the chance to get all the latest inside industry info and training sessions from your Google Account Manager.

Agencies can earn their Partner badge by passing their exams as well as earning lots of certifications. A Partner badge is a great way to show that agencies are fully AdWords competent and have met all the necessary requirements. Agencies can also acquire company specialisations to make themselves stand out from the crowd

How do I become a Google Partner?

Signing up for Google Partners is FREE! You need one of your employees to be fully certified (they must have passed the fundamentals exam and one advanced exam) and have them linked to your agency’s Partner account. You will also need to fill in a company profile, have a 90 day AdWords spend that’s a minimum of $10,000 USD, and meet the performance requirement.

If you meet more than what’s required, you are eligible to become a Premier Partner!

Sleeping Giant Media are Premier Partners!

We are fortunate enough to be in the 3% of agencies that hold a Premier Partner status! If you would like support in your key digital marketing areas, educational benefits & community membership, support growth, and awards (including special offers and the Annual Partners summit), please take a look at what our Google Premier Partner status can do for you!