Hold it: put down that bouquet of chrysanthemums right now! According to Google, flowers are no longer the best thing to get your Mum for Mother’s Day; over the past five years, the search interest for flowers around Mother’s Day has decreased by 19%.

In contrast, arrangements of edible flowers are blooming in popularity: Search interest in fruit baskets grew nearly 20% in May 2014.

It seems Mums are also preferring to choose an experience over a bunch of flowers, Millennial Mums in particular stated that Mother’s Day is a chance for them to rest… Did we hear you say the word spa? Yes, yes we did, as the no. 1 day for spa searches is – you’ve guessed it – Mother’s Day. So, opt to send Mum off for a day of pampering instead!

Older Mothers, however, seem to prefer a family meal out. Mums aged 35+ said that a family meal would be their ideal present, so get those restaurant reservations underway, as after Valentine’s Day, the most searches related to meal reservations happen on Mother’s Day!

Interestingly, compared to Google, Yahoo Bing users are 11% more likely to have bought flowers online within the past 6 months and 11% more likely to have searched for flowers online in the last 6 months. Yahoo Bing click through rates also improved for Flowers, Deals, and general Mother’s Day keyword categories from 2012 to 2013.

So, should you nip the decreasing bouquet trend in the bud? Let us know in the comments!