Hands up how many of you reading this own and regularly use more than one device to access the internet? I bet most of you raised your hands to this So, how often do you switch between devices when researching online or making a purchase?

Imagine a scenario: you are browsing for new running shoes on your mobile during your lunch break at work but not yet ready to make a purchase, so you wait until you get home that evening and then revisit the same website via your tablet or laptop. You might still not be ready to purchase, instead adding a pair of trainers to your saved items or wishlist, ready to purchase at a later date either via the same device or a different device.

We must not forget that the first few stages in the process are still valuable parts of the customer journey, even if these are more difficult to track given the fact they happened across multiple devices.

In this whitepaper on Better Measurement: How to Account for Multiple Devices in the Customer Journey, Kathryn explores and gets to grips with: the importance of considering cross device measurement, tracking cross device conversions with Google Adwords, cross device reports in Google Analytics with user IDs, and cross device conversions for Facebook advertising.

Learn how you can go about implementing these tips for better cross-device measurement by downloading Kathryn’s free whitepaper here!