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Go Giant, Go Green ????

At Sleeping Giant Media we are firm believers that when it comes to helping the environment, little changes to our lifestyles can have a Giant impact. 

With the recent inclusion of a Green squad to Giant Towers and a slew of other changes to our business, we have tried hard to take more conscious effort to lessen our environmental impact wherever we can.  

We would be the first to admit that it can be really difficult to be completely green all the time, but by changing just small things and taking the effort to change our lifestyles where we can, we can all do our part to take steps in that direction. 

We asked a few giants what changes they had made in their day-to-day lives for the good of the big mostly blue planet we all call home. These are their answers. We hope some are inspiring or motivational – after all, every step we take to lessen our environmental impact equals slightly less guilt when listening to David Attenborough talk.


Tiny steps to make a GIANT impact


Alex Clark

“I switched to using ‘Smol’ for my Dishwasher Tablets and Laundry Capsules. They use so much less packaging, and all the packaging it comes in is completely recyclable.” ♻️


Heather Elder

“We have reusable cups for our drinks (including water) and we have stopped using nappy sacks completely! We also have cut down our meat intake. My partner is big on energy saving so we ensure all things are switched off when we aren’t using them. We also have cut down on how much we use our tumble dryer.” ????


Kayleigh Shephard

“I bought a tote bag which I keep at work to use at the shops and I stopped eating beef around 2 months ago.” ????


Mersudin Forbes

“I have started using public transport more and try walking into work once a week. We eat meat-free around 3 times a week now too.” ????


Reuben Elman

“I now pick up both of my dog’s unusually large excrement with biodegradable bags.” (Charming!) ????


Ben Carr

“I take my own Tupperware to sandwich shops if I’m getting a salad or something to save on packaging (most places are happy to do this). I also use “Who Gives a Crap” to deliver toilet paper which is green, friendly and reduces plastic.” ????


Nell Sanders

“I forgo using the plastic bags when getting loose fruit/veg, go to the butcher as much as I can for more sustainable meat (same for bakery and greengrocer), and I have taught the dogs to recycle (such a lie, but would be super cute).” ????


Saiyukta Rai

“I carry around and use a steel straw and try to avoid buying plastic bottles when I need a drink. I also try to use more eco-friendly skin and care products.” ????


James Enderby

“I now use an Eco- Egg for all my washing. It saves money and preserves the quality of clothes, as well as being better for the environment.” ????


What about your own impact?

So that’s just a quick overview of the things our team are doing individually to help lessen their impact on the environment. 

If you’re interested in making your office space a bit greener, to work nicely alongside your own efforts, then check out 5 things you can do to make your office more green-friendly

 What moves have you been making to lessen your environmental impact? Big or small, we would love to know! Let us know by messaging us in all your usual social media places.


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