With more than a billion active users, Facebook is a great platform for promoting your business, and engaging with your customers. However, it can sometimes be hard to try and get those engagement figures up.

Why is Facebook engagement important?

With Facebook’s giant platform, there is a huge potential for reaching and engaging with those potential customers. It’s all well and good having those Facebook likes, but engagement is all about having those likes turn into engaged leads. Having customers ‘like’ your Facebook is only the first stage of the customer journey.

We’ve got 7 top tips on how you can engage with your fans in our GIANT Thursday video! Here we will be telling all about:

Asking your audience questions will get them involved and generate more comments

Include a Call To Action
It’s great to show off your latest product in a cool new image, but if you don’t include a call to action then you’re going to lose valuable customers.

Make your customers laugh
Your Facebook page represents your brand and that’s really important, but that doesn’t mean you have to be serious all the time.

Engage with other brands
Don’t shy away from posting on other people’s pages. Collaboration is key.

Tap into trending topics
Keep an eye out on the trending topics of the day and find a way to link it back to your product, be creative.

Uploading video
Video is growing rapidly so everyone’s jumping on that train but did you know that Facebook will favour native videos?

Everyone wants something for free, so give it to them!

Find out more about how you can improve your Facebook engagement to entice your existing and potential customers by watching our GIANT Thursday video below. Do you have any Facebook engagement tips and tricks? Let us know by tweeting @SleepingGiantM!