Today marks National High Five Day, a day dedicated to giving and receiving as many High Fives as humanly possible! Some University of Virginia students in the USA came up with the idea in 2002, which has since turned into a High 5-A-Thon that raises money each year for Cancer Research.

First, a little bit of history of the High Five Did you know that some psychological studies on touch and human contact have found that gestures like the high five enhance bonding among sports teammates, which in turn has a winning effect on the whole team? The high five evolved from its sister-in-slappage, the low five. The gesture, also known as slapping skin, was made popular in the jazz age by the likes of Al Jolson, Cab Calloway and the Andrews Sisters.

What have we done for Cancer Research UK so far?

In 2016, we’ve undertaken The Great Row, wore pink for World Cancer Day, dressed in our pyjamas for National Napping Day, and taken part in a Grand National Charity Sweepstake, and our Giant Tom who ran the Brighton Marathon!

For the rest of the foreseeable year, our Giants will be taking part: in Race For Life, Pretty Muddy, London to Brighton. High five!

Have a Happy High Five Day!