Get ready for the third blog post in our GIANT work experience series, because here it is! Rebecca wrote us a great article summarising her work experience experience (sounds weird, right?). We loved having all of the students here so it’s great to see what they thought of their time at GIANT towers.

Time is a relative quantity and I believe that you have to make it count. It’s important to understand that it does matter whether you waste an opportunity or push your limits to fully embody the work experience. Let me break down the experience into moments, because some things should remain a mystery.

There are some key facts that you should know. I’m Rebecca, former student at the University of Kent, who successfully graduated from BA Film Studies with a year abroad a few weeks ago. I found myself in the offices of Sleeping Giant Media after I ‘won’ it as a part of the university rewards system. It went something like this. You do extracurricular stuff throughout the academic year and we give you a shot at one of the work experience based prizes. Then you jump through a couple more hoops, applications and interview, and voilà… I’m in Folkestone! Considering I loved doing all and every non-academic activity I got myself into, from shooting a TV show to organising a TEDx talk, ‘winning’ a placement is just the cherry on top.


I’ve spent two weeks, five days a week, 8.5 hours a day in the offices of Sleeping Giant Media along with other three highly motivated students. At first I was mesmerised by the sea views and the offices located on top two floors. Actually, I am still amazed. Imagine walking into an office and having a ball pit on your doorstep. From time to time, the giants even have meetings in there.

By the end of the week one, I even stopped quietly mocking the repetitive use of the word GIANT, in all caps, and actually started using it non-ironically. See the title of this blog.

One thing that should be highly recognised is the Sleeping Giant Media staff. Friendly and helpful are just a few of the words that come to mind, but it should not be forgotten that these guys are dedicated and competitive and strive for the best results. At least, that is my impression of them.

Even though I know what I want to do in life, this summer I found myself in deep water. This placement expanded my marketing, planning and research skills and helped me to weed through my potential future paths for which I have the suitable experience. I ended up asking myself, would I like doing this for the next 5, 10, 20 years of my life? If the answer is no, then don’t do it. What I hope for, and hopefully the experience I gained at this placement will get me closer to, is a future in marketing or advertising.

Maybe some last words? Sleeping Giant Media, giants and work experience partners in crime, thank you for these two weeks. I had a blast. And I used my time wisely.