It seems our literal search for love has some interesting results when it comes to search engine land

O Google, Google! Wherefore art thou Google? According to Google, on 13th February (Valentine’s Day Eve), users search on their mobile more than on desktop and in the weeks leading up, both mobile and desktop figures are the same. There were even 3 times as many searches for gifts for boyfriend than gifts for girlfriend in February 2014!

What about those of you going on first dates? Google is now your new BFFL, and has revealed the top first date searches are: what to wear, what to do, what to talk about, where to go and how to act. Still haven’t found the answer? Look no further than YouTube! There’s been over 60 million views of YouTube videos on first dates. Sorted!

If you’re thinking of going down on one knee, look no further than your smartphone Mobile searches for engagement rings grew 52% YoY, and online purchases of diamond jewellery are up 39% from 2011! Some of the top proposal searches include: how to get a marriage proposal, what to say in a marriage proposal, how to accept a marriage proposal, how long to wait for a marriage proposal and how to write a marriage proposal. Let’s hope this all results in a yes!

What’s the situation with Google’s frenemy, Bing? Bing’s surge in searches came about in the week before Valentine’s Day. In 2015, the surge was more prominent on desktop than on mobile: Desktop searches increased by 77% during 8th – 14th February, whilst mobile searches rocketed 71% the week before. Overall, mobile accounted for 32% of Valentine’s Day related searches and 17% of clicks on Bing last year.

It seems love is well and truly in the air (well, the internet, anyway).