Google have recently released a new addition to their content network, which is now called the display network. Now most of you who have used or tried to use the earlier versions of the content network will know that its results have been mixed. And when I say mixed, I mean poor. However, re-marketing could be the one we have all been waiting for. Certainly the early campaigns we have been running have shown the best results we have seen through the display network.

It is based around a very simple principle:

Google tag people who have been on your site with a Cookie and then if the user navigates away from your site to another site which is within the Google Display Network (GDN 85% of the web!) then Google can show them one of your adverts.

The reason that this is so much better than previous incarnations is because users have shown intent by arriving on your site previously, and are likely to have a heightened awareness to your products. Subsequently the response rates are significantly better than standard display or content campaigns where the user is just browsing and may have no intent to buy.

Google Remarketing campaigns can be set up at a very top level or drill down to specific pages. There is the potential to be very creative with messages and offers, and here at Sleeping Giant Media we have been exploring the potential with our clients.

Get in touch if you want any more information or if you have had similar experiences with the remarketing platform.