A little bit of Friday fun….

I found myself typing in ‘Do a Barrel Roll‘ and ‘Tilt’ over and over last night. Call me sad, but I guarantee if you haven’t already typed it in to google you will do after reading this.

Do a Barrel Roll

Simply type “Do a Barrel Roll” into Google – you won’t be disappointed.


Enter “Google Gravity” in the search bar. Hit “I’m feeling lucky” (if you have Google Instant enabled, it’s on the right hand side of the suggested searches). Then watch your world fall down in front of you.


Search for the word “askew.” Can you do this without tilting your head?

Chuck Norris

Search for the Chuck Norris, hit I’m Feeling Lucky, and Google will school you in Norrisology – this is my favourite one!


Searching for ASCII art is just about the nerdiest thing you can do!! Google salutes you with a special logo.


This is one for word nerds. Search for “recursion” and Google asks “did you mean recursion?”


Originally an April Fool’s joke, but is still around at google.com/mentalplex. Good way of baffling people.


Type this into Google. ENJOY! (remember to also do some work today)


Go to Google Reader, then use your cursor keys thus: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. A ninja then pops onto your screen and into your search box. Thankfully, this still works in the new version of Google Reader!


Set your iGoogle homepage to the beach theme. Wait until 3:14am (or if you can’t, just move your clock forward). What monster this way comes? Could we be on the shores of Loch Ness? Hmmm.

Flight simulator

This one began life as an easter egg, and became so well-loved that Google incorporated it as a feature in Google Earth. Click on Tools > Enter Flight Simulator, and you’re off and flying around the planet. Bon voyage.

Whats your favourite?