Google Docs New Look

Upon opening Google Docs this morning in the Sleeping Giant Media Office it was noticed there is an option for “Try the new look”.

A brief discussion ensued where it was decided that surely there would be an easy option to switch back to the old version – much like Google Analytics.

Deciding to try the new look I appropriately clicked the “Try the new look” link and was presented with the new format:

This is fine and arguably somewhat cleaner than the original although personally I find it a little anaemic. My main gripe however is the bottom bar where you are able to select individual tabs:

Seriously this image does wonders for the clarity of the tab selection. After a couple of hours of trying to use this I decided I was not a fan due to an impending head ache. I then decided to revert and guess what? No similar “Revert to old look” link existed. Come on Google you need to cater for people like me who are a little slow on the uptake.

The good news is it is actually very simple to revert back to the old Google Docs style. Simply go to the “Help” section within Google Docs and you will find what you are looking for. I wasted a good five minutes looking for it….and another five blogging about it because it made my head ache worse. Look for the below and all your woes will be at an end:

And finally you will be back to the good old Google Doc style:

And you’re back in the game! Seriously Google this is way too much change to deal with hot on the heels of a bank holiday!

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