Google have just made us aware of a new ad rotation settings “rotate ads evenly for 30 days after an ad is enabled or edited, and then optimise for clicks.” A bit of a mouthful ! It could be a really useful setting. Google Adwords ad rotation setting alert

The ad rotation setting determines how your ads are distributed. Currently the settings allow ads to be;

  • Optimise for clicks: Show ads expected to provide more clicks
  • Optmise for conversions: show ads expected to provide conversions
  • Rotate evenly: Show ads evenly for 30 days


Most good PPC campaigns will be running multiple ads in each adgroup, when using multiple ads it is possible to adjust settings to allow Google to distribute the ads differently. These settings are important to consider as they can effect the performance of your campaigns.

If you select rotate evenly each ad in the adgroups will be given equal exposure, which is good when you are running tests on adcopy. While using the optimise for clicks rotation will allow google to show the ad most likely to lead to a click which can benefit click through rate and through this quality score. The optimise for conversions setting, will optimise for conversions and great for commerce campaigns or other campaigns with particular on page goals. This last setting will require conversion tracking to be in place.

So there are clear reasons to use each, It seems however that the new rotation setting is actually just an update to the existing Rotate evenly.Ad rotation settings in Google adwords

While most tests will be completed in 30 days there are occasions where we have various messages running that deserve equal exposure, this new setting now removes the ability to do that for longer than 30 days which is unfortunate.

So overall I think that the function is good, I would have preferred an additional setting rather than the update.