Are you new to LinkedIn or have you had a profile for years but not sure where to start?

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile:

– Ensure you have a professional and friendly profile picture. Nobody wants to connect with someone with a blank square as their photo! 

– Customise your LinkedIn URL to make your profile easy to find for your prospects and contacts.

– Create a compelling story that captures attention in your summary. People don’t want your life story but share your biggest professional and personal achievements.

– Be detailed about your experience. People want to know what you’ve been up to in your career and in past positions. Don’t be shy!

– Join relevant groups and make conversation. If you know your target prospects are joining industry discussions, get involved. This will help down the line when you want to reach out to them.

– Don’t be modest, fill in your skills. Your connections and future connections want to be nosey and find out your skills. Don’t undersell yourself and encourage your co-workers and personal contacts to vote up your skills.

– Ask your fellow employees and clients for recommendations in your experience section, this builds trust with future connections.

– Make your profile visual. Photos will always stand out on a LinkedIn profile and will set you apart from the competition. Upload case studies, videos and blog posts to your summary or experience sections.

– Keep an eye on LinkedIn Pulse for relevant industry news to share and to interact on. Share your own updates and articles you’ve found interesting. Being active on LinkedIn will show your connections you’re passionate about your industry.

– Engage with your connections. Has Dave just had a work anniversary or birthday? Congratulate him! He’ll appreciate it and it will start to cement that relationship.

– Be a detective. Watch out for role moves and promotions as this might change dynamics in a company and might be a way in.


What success have you had on LinkedIn or do you have any further tips you find useful? Comment below!


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