The year of the mobile is sailing full steam ahead, especially when it comes to Father’s Day searches. 2015 saw 60% mobile traffic for Father’s Day search terms.

UK Father's Day trends
This shows the increase in Father’s Day online in the UK since 2007. 2015 sky-rocketed!

Good news if you’re a Dad, you’re highly likely to receive a gift from your offspring: around 48% of consumers in the UK buy Father’s Day presents! If your kids are shopping online, they are also more likely to spend more on you, even more so if they are between the ages of 25-34.


Where are the most spoilt Dads based?

Dads in London are most likely to receive presents worth £50 and more, but Dads in London are also the most likely to not receive anything at all, with 49% of sons and daughters in London not buying a Father’s Day present.

69% of Dads living in the South West of England are indulged the most, as only 31% of kids don’t purchase a gift for their Daddy dearest. It’s Dads in the North East that have the stingiest children, with only 1.9% spending more than £50!


Dad searches?

Father’s Day searches are pretty straightforward, with popular searches including: Fathers / Father’s Day gifts, Fathers Day quotes, Fathers Day cards. Thanks to Google, your Dad will think you’ve got a PhD in poetry.

Searches for Dad-related gifts are ones which are practical and fun, popular purchases include: aftershave, chocolate, books, whisky and techy gadgets. You can even go one-step further by buying personalised versions of all the above gifts!


Happy Father’s Day!