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Is Facebook’s latest ad placement going to work, or will it flop hard? ????‍♀️

Facebook, it seems to be the best social media platform for tailored ads. But just how will its new ad placement fair?

It seems like every few months, Facebook is rolling out a brand new feature. From phasing out publishing tools and giving us the “creator studio” interface, to an update of the Ads Manager interface, Facebook seems to be on a roll when it comes to adapting its platform. But now it seems that Facebook has moved onto utilising their search bar for targeted Facebook Ads.

Notification: New Ad Placement Available

While it hasn’t been rolled out universally, Facebook has started to offer a new placement for their ads: Facebook Search. In fact, Facebook actually started testing ads in its search results at least six months ago, originally giving a small group the ability to run ads in both the primary search results and Marketplace search results. 

According to a Facebook product manager, the test was a small one which was being used to determine just how beneficial the ads were before offering it out to more ad accounts. It seems that Facebook must have deemed the new placement valuable enough as more marketers have been discovering the new placement option over the last week.

So what does this new placement mean?

Designed to reach people with relevant ads based on their Facebook search terms, Facebook is now allowing business pages with ad accounts to tailor their ads by using the search terms that their users have inputted into the Facebook search bar. So what does this mean for businesses who run targeted ads on Facebook?

Judging from some of the reactions that we’ve seen on Twitter among those in the social media marketing community, there seems to be a real divide over the new placement. It seems we’re waiting to see whether this new ad placement will open up new opportunities or simply be another aspect of Facebook advertising that often gets glossed over or ignored – *cough* messenger ad placement *cough*.

Some think that this ad placement could be particularly beneficial when users are searching for items on marketplace as it could help businesses to target these users when they’re looking for items or terms that are related to their products or services. Others have suggested that it could also be helpful for when users are searching for groups to join, particularly if those groups are aligned with a business’ product or services. 

For example, for a camping equipment business looking to target potential customers for their Facebook ads, being able to target users who have searched for “camping groups” or “camping equipment” in the Facebook search bar can help to better tailor their ads and reach users that perhaps didn’t fit any of their other audience criteria. 

It’s clear that this new inclusion to ad placements is coming across as controversial to some, particularly as the conversation of how our data is being used is rearing its head yet again. That isn’t to say that the “Search” placement won’t be worthwhile, but it certainly raises the idea that platforms like Facebook are continuing to try and target those who they, perhaps,  haven’t reached yet. Only time will tell, but we’re definitely interested to see where this new ad placement goes.


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