I have a strange fascination with Facebook. Despite my best efforts I find myself logging in on a regular basis only to find out what other people are writing on their wall, which generally entails how early they have had to get up or how much they are looking forward to the weekend..

Anyway, Facebook is something that is now a part of everyday life for a huge number of us. We spend a significant amount of time on the site, looking at what are friends are up to. Subsequently it has become a fantastic platform for businesses all around the world to use to get in front of their customers.

Here are the 2 questions regarding Facebook’s advertising platform that we are generally asked by people interested in advertising.

– Can you generate direct sales through Facebook?

In short yes. We have had direct sales come through our clients Facebook campaigns. That is not to say it is always the best way to approach things as ultimately it could be a part of a sign up strategy, or to increase the number of group members. If your objective is to drive direct sales pay particular attention to the targeting as ultimately this is essential in a successful campaign.

– Is it just for brand awareness?

No, as we have mentioned it can be used for direct sales, but my personal opinion is that Facebook is a fantastic and cost effective channel for boosting brand awareness. One key area to monitor with Facebook is its impact on the volume of brand traffic coming through the site. The reason for this impact is that some people may see the advert and later search for your brand (which should be shown in the advert) on Google.

As always it is a case of finding what works best for you and your business. Sometimes your product or service may lend itself to very well to a direct sales approach through Facebook. However, it may be of greater value to get more members to your Facebook group and market to them from there.

Look out for an up coming blog post which looks at 5 tips for creating successful Facebook campaigns, and reveals a few of approaches to making it work better for you.

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