Whether or not Google+ affects SEO is a highly debated topic. Just check out the 178 comments (at time of writing) on this Moz blog . In our sixth video in the series focusing on Google+, Luke talks about whether using Google+ affects SEO.

Here’s a summary:

Luke says that we’re already seeing that Google+ is impacting SEO within our client base, and it’s something that he suspects we’ll see more and more of in the future.

There is part of Google’s search algorithm that looks at the recency and frequency of your social activity. How often you post information as a website owner shows that you’re interacting with your audience and that you’re an active business. That’s a really powerful signal, which Google can use to reward you for your efforts.

Going forward, it seems that the more active you are on social, the better results and rewards you’re going to get from an SEO perspective.

Over to you

Have you noticed any impact on your SEO through activity on Google+? It would be great to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment either below or on the YouTube video.