In January last year our CEO Luke made some digital marketing predictions for 2016! Luke predicted that in 2016 businesses would have to embark on differentiation (by being ahead of the technological curve) and making themselves creatively stand out in order to trump their competitors, and that video would be bigger than ever. Content is king was another prediction, as was the popularity of paid for posts on social media platforms. You can watch back on the predictions below:

Now that another year has come around, Luke is back with some digital marketing trends for 2017! What do you need to look out for on the digital horizon in 2017?

  1. Automation through bots

If you thought you knew chatbots think again (and they’re a lot better than SmarterChild from the good old MSN days!). When coupled with personalisation features, these have huge 2017 potential…

  1. Voice search

If you own a smartphone you’re bound to be familiar with Siri, Cortana, and the like. How can this affect your SEO strategy?

  1. Mobile first

It’s the Chinese year of the mobile? Did you know that Google will soon be rolling out their mobile first index?

  1. Programmatic

Programmatic is all about automation and mass personalisation. How does it work?

  1. Social media filtering

Can social media go in the same direction as cleaning up its spam act like SEO?

Trends for 2017

Tune into Luke’s digital marketing trends for 2017 below to get the lowdown!