Can you ever go into business with your best friend? Most people say no, but the likes of distinguished global brands such as Ben & Jerry’s, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard were all founded by best friends.

Sleeping Giant Media, too, was founded on the friendship of our CEO Luke Quilter, and Managing Director Anthony Klokkou. So, in honour of National Best Friend Day, we revisit the story of Lant (Luke and Ant).

This tale begins many years back at the local boys grammar school: Luke, a national youth hockey player, spent 90% of his time engaged in some kind of sporting activity. In the year below him was an academic guy called Ant, who much preferred the classroom over the sports field (and whose brother happened to be friends with sporty Luke); Yet, Ant carried on reading books and Luke carried on playing hockey, meaning their paths didn’t cross for a few more years…

Then, one day, Luke and Ant found themselves working together at a local holiday firm, both bonding over the same idea they had: so many people they worked with were either techy-techy and not great at customer service, or were good at customer service, but in no way techy. Realising you can be both clever and friendly in the world of digital marketing, they soon began setting up Sleeping Giant Media in Luke’s parents dining room, living off of tinned soup for (what seemed like) a long time. Sleeping Giant Media was soon born.



A few years later (well, nearly 7 to be precise), Sleeping Giant Media is onto GIANT things, having grown from a business with no investment (fully organic performance-based growth) to a multi-award winning Top 20 Google partner agency with continual growth, an abundance of client referrals, and excellent retention of staff. Over the years, Lant have seen each other be best men at both their weddings, and they continue to (unintentionally) turn up to work in identical outfits (Luke always claims he bought the jumper/shirt/trousers first)!

Even though there is still a massive rivalry over who drives the better car (Ant’s Mercedes vs. Luke’s Audi), Lant continue to be the best of friends and business partners.

Happy National Best Friend Day!