What are callout extensions?

Just to clarify, call extensions and callout extensions are different.

A callout extension is a text with a maximum of 25 characters that you can add to your existing text ads. The space is there for you to list the USPs of your products, brand, offers and so on.

Why should I be excited?

Well, the obvious advantage here is that you can now list all of your USPs to the bottom of your ad. Which will mean that potential visitors can see what you have to offer at a glance (and hopefully click through!).

But even better, you will be essentially dominating the area. As you can see from the example below, we have review extensions, ratings, site links and call out extensions.

Callout extensions example

To get the most of this new and awesome extension, it is advised that you keep USPs as short as possible; ensure they are within the Google ad guidelines. But most of all… use them to your advantage!

A few more reasons to use callout extensions

  • You don’t need to create new text ads or edit them to include callouts. You can change your callout text whenever you like! This enables you to keep your customers and potential customers up to date with any new offers and so on.
  • In-depth reporting – you can review how many clicks occurred on your ads when callouts appeared, and also compare your summary callout stats at the campaign, ad group or ad levels.
  • Customised callouts for mobile devices – you can create mobile-optimised callouts to show on mobile devices only, or disable certain callouts on the devices that you choose!
  • Scheduling- as with all metrics you can schedule call outs to run on certain days, add start and end dates, and so on.


Okay, I’m excited what next?

You’ll need to create a minimum of two callouts per account, campaign or ad group for your ad to be eligible to show with callouts.

I would recommend adding a minimum of four to maximise exposure.

  • Call out extensions can be found under the ad extensions tab
  • The text for each callout is a maximum of 25 characters
  • All callouts must be different, no duplications are allowed
  • They may not run on every auction

Go, go, go! Let us know how you get on. We’d love to hear from you.