Today is officially Blame Someone Else Day! Blame Someone Else Day is celebrated on the first Friday 13th of the year, and is the one day where you can blame anyone for anything. So, on that note, why can some agencies be to blame when their clients ditch them?

Maintaining a good client retention number is a challenge at the best of times, and there are lots of elements that affect this, from both the client and agency sides. What are the things to look out for if you clients keep dropping? How are you to blame?


1. Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

If you do this, your relationships are bound to sour – very quickly. If you set your client’s expectations far too high and can’t deliver on them, the client will be left with no other choice than to find another agency.


2. Letting Your Top Talent Slip
One of the best gifts you can give to your clients are your talented, well-informed account teams. So, if you’re unable to hold onto your digital high fliers, your clients may not have a reason to stay if your best employees aren’t…


3. Desperate Times = Desperate Measures

If you’re an agency in a financial dire strait, this isn’t good news. Being in a tough financial position can mean bad hasty decisions are made, such as disastrous shortcuts and poor-planning that is not in the best interest of the client. Good relationships always begin with transparency and thorough financials.

Make it a priority that you lay a solid foundation for accounts to blossom, by having strong profits and a strong cash flow.


4. Overdoing It

Bad mismanagement alongside financial problems and other business challenges are a recipe for your agency spreading itself too thinly on the ground, and it is the client who will experience its wrath.
Clients will feel obliged to leave if the overall agency morale and performance has suffered as a consequence of people simply overdoing it too much. So, plan, plan, plan to maintain a good balance.