Today marks National Be Heard Day. The day was established by Marketing and Business Strategist, Shannon Cherry, in order to help entrepreneurs find their voice, and tell their story.

As a business that had very humble beginnings, we know how important it is for local businesses and entrepreneurs to be heard, and to make themselves heard. This is one of the reasons why we started to hold our quarterly successful GIANT Talks, to deliver free trustworthy advice and best practices about the world of search and social marketing to local businesses in order for them to market themselves effectively, and with confidence.

We don’t want you to miss out, so watch the video below to catch up on our last GIANT Talk on Local Digital Marketing – How Global is Local.


We also have the presentations from all of our keynote speakers for you to download to your heart’s content below:

Steve Hamilton – Don’t Underestimate Your Local Media

Damon McColin-Moore – Brand Strategy – What’s That When It’s At Home?

Linda Cloke – Leveraging Social Media To Boost Your Local Sales  –

Luke Quilter – How To Optimise For Local Search Marketing


Did we hear you say more? Get your calendars ready, because we’ve got another GIANT Talk coming up on Tuesday 21st June at the The Spitfire Ground, Canterbury. More information will be released nearer the time so keep your eyes peeled!

Please keep an eye out on Twitter @SleepinggiantM (#GIANTTalks) or you can sign up to our newsletter by clicking here for future events we will be arranging around the county and in London.